Novel treatments designed to reach all in need

Two of the biggest reasons that SITBs have not declined over the last several decades are:

(1) There are few effective interventions for SITBs

(2) Existing intervention styles (e.g., in-person therapy) can only reach a small proportion of people in need

Our approach is different. We aim to combine basic psychological science, the newest information about how SITBs work, and the latest technologies to grow completely new forms of treatment. Our ultimate goals are to create treatments that are (a) far more powerful than in-person treatments and (b) freely available to everyone with internet access. As described in greater detail via the image links below, we have taken the initial steps toward these goals. Three randomized control trials have now shown that one of our first mobile treatment apps - therapeutic evaluative conditioning (TEC) - powerfully reduces SITBs. Much of our ongoing work is aimed at improving TEC, expanding TEC to non-SITB issues, and creating totally new mobile treatment apps.

TEC for suicidal and nonsuicidal self-injury is available for FREE for all Apple devices (click here) and Android devices (click here)

Please see this website (click here) for more information on the publicly available app