Tap lab members

Irene Huang, B.A. (graduate student)

Irene is a graduate student in the clinical science program. She recently completed her undergraduate degree at Northwestern University. She is interested in studying mood disorders, self-injury and suicide.

Katherine Musacchio, M.Ed. (graduate student)

Katherine graduated from Vanderbilt University with an M.Ed. in Applied Developmental Science. Her research interests include identifying risk factors for self harm in adolescents and young adults. 


Diana Bastidas (undergraduate)

Dianna is an undergraduate student pursuing a Psychology degree with a minor in Chemistry. She is interested in behavioral genetics specifically regarding mental health disorders. 


Andrea Solis (undergraduate)

Andrea is a third year undergraduate at Florida State University. She is a Biology major with a minor in Psychology following a Pre-Med track. She is interested in researching mental disorders, and how they vary among different ethnicities and cultures. She hopes to take the research skills she gains though this lab, and apply them in her practice of medicine in the future.